Benchtops – the icing on the cake in every kitchen!

Here at Wanaka Joinery we love benchtops. 

We of course love precision joinery, beautifully designed functionality, clean lines and quality materials, but what we love most about kitchen design is benchtops. We love them because they are the icing on the cake in any kitchen. They can be a feature, they can be subtle, they have colour, texture and they are the ultimate workspace. 

Kitchen Benchtop

We all know people gather in kitchens at parties, but they actually gather round benchtops! The family meet at the benchtop; they are the understated heart of the home, who knew?

So for all of those reasons we are very particular about the materials, products and people we work with to recommend and provide benchtops for our clients. So we are going to provide a little benchtop blog series, let’s start with our benchtop partners.

We choose our Benchtop suppliers carefully, they are all leaders in their chosen fields, providing up to date innovative technology interwoven with expert craftsmanship, sprinkled with passion, respect and down to earth good people. It’s been 23 years of working as a collaborative team towards building trust, relationships, and the delivery of good customer service. We are proud to partner with each of them.

So, who do we work with;

Artisan Stone. Attention to detail is a point of pride. An array of choices, from the gem look of Natural Stone, to Porcelain and Engineered Stone.

Central Benchmakers – Acrylic kings providing tactile, seamless, hygienic, renewable, and formidable surfaces.

Obrien’s – the countertop manufacturer. Laminate benchtops are the workhorse of the kitchen world! Highly customisable, cost effective and feel premium.

WJ – for all things custom made, yep that’s us! We have experts in timber tops in our team and 23 years’ experience under our belt.

There are so many options, each with their own properties, colours, texture, price point, feel and look. It’s a personal choice, so rest assured, we have you covered by the teams we work alongside to deliver your joinery.

In our next few blogs we will talk you through some options, but we are always here for a cuppa, a chat and to work with you to identify the best option for the final touch to the heart of your home.

Call Chris if you want to talk benchtops. Trust us you will love them too.