Time for a kitchen refresh!

A change of environment is always refreshing, and for this change our client didn’t even need to leave Wānaka! Having bought her house in central Wānaka around 22 years ago she decided it was time the kitchen had a little renovation, providing a new and fresh space at the centre of her home for years to come.

The house was new at the time she moved in, and as our client was buying off plan she choose the design and colours back then.  While the design of the kitchen has always worked well, she had grown a little tired of the colour scheme and well, after 22 years, the kitchen itself was also looking a little tired too. It was time for a refresh!

There are lots of reasons a kitchen renovation can be a good idea, including increasing the value of your property, improving the functionality of the design, modernising and maximising storage space. At Wanaka Joinery we love to chat about what works well in your current kitchen and suggest ideas for improvement.

Kitchen Reno add colour

Since the functional side of the kitchen had been working well for a number of years, the brief from our client was simple… brighten up the space and modernise it, so that she could continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

“Wanaka Joinery, and Tania particularly, worked with me to identify the best way to achieve the look I wanted.  Their advice was plentiful and always practical.  I love the colour of the cupboard doors and the benchtop is my favourite part of the kitchen.  It’s engineered stone and has really freshened up the look.  It also works really well.”

Kitchen benchtop

“The kitchen now feels more spacious, which I will admit, is partly because I emptied the cupboards a little as part of the renovation process, but it’s also because the colours are lighter and everything just works better. It’s now clutter free and I love it.”

And the best part of working with Wanaka Joinery?

“I honestly couldn’t fault them. They were extremely helpful and the whole process was completed with minimal disruption. I think I was without my sink and cooktop for 1.5days, which was extremely manageable. Wanaka Joinery organised everything – the plumber, electrician and benchtop installation. They planned it so well that everyone was lined up at exactly the right time.  It was so efficient and made it very easy for me. If things didn’t quite work out, they worked hard to find a solution.”

“I would highly recommend Wanaka Joinery to anyone.”

Kitchen renovation